Bioplastic, 3D-Animation as Video Projection

Floating Points deals with deformed information presented to an individual. Through constant impulses that influence behaviour and belief, a change of perspective and perception is inevitable. Fragments and distortions of truth form a stream of information that merges and engulfs itself. Data is absorbed, stretched, pulled apart and reshaped. As a result, there are numerous options and variants to choose from, and the decision is made to adopt the one that corresponds to one’s idea of reality. On a daily basis, information is consciously or unconsciously absorbed, understood, processed, discarded and leaves its imprint. The filtering is represented as a transparent layer, whereas the stream of water seems real and true at first glance, but the more it transforms into pixel and digital deformations, the more unclear it becomes whether it is truthful or fictitious.

„Floating Points brings the spectators to a different position relation to the work. They are delicately engulfed by its other-worldly presence, illuminated by is luminescence. In her artistic research, Mutschlechner-Dean has been working with bioplastic material, an ecologic alternative to the polluting oil based plastic that is suffocating nature. The object has a vibrating ontological status: at once bioluminescent sea creature, and alien presence, and a filter for the video information being projected on it. Information always reaches the observer, reader or watcher in a filtered manner.“ - Maurício Ianês



© Anna Mutschlechner-Dean