Collaborative work with Daniel Stolzlederer and Patrícia Chamrazová
Ceramic, Park Bench, Sound, 45 cm x 45 cm x 60 cm

Exhibition View, Never At Home, Vienna
All photos by Maria Belova

While there is a certain urge to just live without ever checking what you left behind, sometimes we must breathe. We just have to. Right? There‘s no other option. Take it all in, slowly. Rehearse, relate, relapse, retake. Like there‘s nothing else to do. But there‘s a little trick they haven‘t told you. You can do all of it while running. There‘s no need to stand still. Only catching fragments will tell the same story. We‘re bound to breathe while running. We‘re incredibly good at it. We just have to. We just have to. Just keep going. Ok. Because we just have to.  Text by Daniel Stolzlederer

Keep going invites visitors and all who pass by to take a seat and pause, having the opportunity to converse with or listen to the body next to them in an intimate setting.  



© Anna Mutschlechner-Dean