Analogue Photography Series of 6, Digital Print on Paper, 90 x 90 cm

Alongside individualism and the primal longing for conformity, the work Morphing Tendencies addresses a transition towards an augmented sense of collectivism. It focuses on the reassembly and intertwining of the physical human shape, while reforming the idea of individualism. Thus, a new identity is created out of the collective coming together of multiple bodies. Morphing Tendencies consists of a series of analogue photographs that explore the dissolution of boundaries and dominant individualism to reflect on a collective state of human connectedness. Interpersonal exchange and togetherness reassemble physical patterns of behavior and form, in turn creating new expanded shapes. The human form changes and a new kind of entity is born out of the collective consciousness. As the human body divests itself of its individuality, the fusion of bodies attempts to remove barriers erected by social norms. By discarding clothing and shedding this social layer of conditioning, nudity is used as a means to fusion, equality and unity. Social and cultural influences are intertwined, we shed our outer garments, while still remaining who we are, through the influence our surroundings have had on us. Therefore, Morphing Tendencies does not attempt to mold bodies into a single consciousness, but rather aims to show that we humans are capable of a collective consciousness that is on the same fundamental level and that connects all of our individual strengths.


© Anna Mutschlechner-Dean