T(W)O COEXIST (2024)

4-Channel Video, 15:15 min

 T(W)O COEXIST is a 4-channel short film that explores the boundaries between reality, fiction and human perspective by merging fictional and real scenarios, bringing together performance, poetic narrative and human participation.

The work deals with interactions and reactions of the human body to its environment, using masks as a means of reflecting and deconstructing habitual behaviour. Masks function as physical initiators to investigate automated, conditioned behaviour of the body in relation to external structures. They serve as a tool for accessing new interaction possibilities - potentials. The juxtaposition of the human body and the external organism forms the basis for this exploration. Different participants get involved in the project by choosing one of the masks and thus approaching and encountering their environment in a new way. The work aims to use a performative approach to highlight the vulnerability of both entities - the coexistence of two bodies: that of the human and that of the habitat. T(W)O COEXIST invites viewers to redefine their own relationship to the environment and reflects the awareness of the symbiotic coexistence between the human body and the surrounding habitat.


© Anna Mutschlechner-Dean