Ceramic, Bioplastic, 3D-Animation Video as Projection, Sound, 45 x 45 x 80 cm

Installation View, Soft Machine, Phileas Projects, Vienna

Under life-threatening circumstances, the jellyfish reverts to its youngest stage, the polyp. A controlled complete ‘reset’ allows it to begin anew. What remains are the instincts inherent in every living being. In humans, in addition to instinct, are intuition, consciousness, and the formation of the self and therefore identity. What would humans be if only trusting their instincts? In the phase represented, only instinct is present, as in the first phase of human life, before experiences take their effect and form human beings into what they later describe as ‘self’.

Back to the point of emergence and into the first phase. To the formation into a different shape; to hatching out of a cocoon. From this one space into another. 

What is left when it moves brings together the contrast of the intangible with a physical body and questions immaterial finitude.



© Anna Mutschlechner-Dean