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What are the consequences of humankind’s desire for eternal life?
Humankind continually tries to leave behind something significant, something that will be remembered. Perhaps by staying in memory man could come closer to immortality. However, as humankind moves more and more into the digital realm, technological advances may soon provide it with other possibilities.
Could the digital already be an attempt at immortality?

What lies in the imperishable merges the organic and virtual and thematizes as well as questions the striving for immortality. Abstracted forms of a potentially immortal organism are brought together with the human body until ultimately a hybrid is created. With the ability to rejuvenate itself and so generate a new life cycle, the jellyfish symbolizes imperishability. Research on this potentially immortal jellyfish species and the possible transfer of its properties to humans raises questions. Deciphering this process could extend the human lifespan.
But what would this mean for humanity?



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